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Remagent takes the guesswork out of hiring and makes it easy to find the right talent. As an employer, you can create a job requisition or browse the profiles of qualified professionals in your industry. Get specific and find exactly who you need—you can perform custom searches based on your preferences for skill, experience, education, language, location, availability, hourly rates, and more.

Customer Service

Find freelance experts who specialize in providing a personal, positive experience to every customer. Get support for phones, chat, email and more from native speakers with polished communication skills.

Debt Collection

Hire collections agents who are experienced in persuasion and negotiation. The right talent can help you reach more customers, overcome their objections, and close more accounts.


Find temporary retail and travel service experts for the busy holiday season. Set the specific date range you need to find available freelancers.

On-Demand Access

Build your talent pipeline and stay in touch with freelancers who have skill sets that are valuable to your business. Even if you aren’t ready to hire yet, you can start planning now for future growth.

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{Fast and easy access to the best resources to fit your needs.

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Access a steady stream of resources, available when you need them most.

Hiring Made Easy

Trusted by leading brands and startups alike, Remagent has matched expert freelancers with employers across North America. We know you don’t have time to waste searching through hundreds of applications to find someone with the experience and skill set you need. Let us do the work and narrow the results down to a select few—make hiring easy with Remagent.

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Our recruiters can match you with qualified candidates on demand. Talk to one of our experts to jumpstart the hiring process.

Work with Hand-Selected Talent

All of our freelancers are based in North America and accomplished in their fields. If your business needs a unique combination of skills, we can help you find the right talent.

The Right Fit, Guaranteed

Find employees that support your company culture, vision, and goals. Remagent can help you get a perfect fit, every time.

Join Other Successful Businesses and Leading Brands

Whether you’re an established company or a small startup, Remagent can help you find the right talent to help your business grow.

Seize the Opportunity

Take advantage of our recruiting services and make hiring easy. You can save time and fill vacant positions quickly with Remagent.

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Our freelancers support businesses specializing in medical billing, travel, retail, marketing, tech support, collections, and other niche industries.

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