How it Works

Create Your Business Profile

It takes minutes to create your business profile. All that is needed is basic information. You can provide as much information as you would like to let candidates know about your business. Once a business profile has been created you can search for candidates immediately.

Business Contracting

Remagent has a simple and basic master services agreement allowing you to do business through Remagent. Once signed electronically, you will be able to search for candidates and begin making offers.

Create a Job Post

It takes less than ten minutes to create a Job Posting. The Job Posting will provide the basic information that a candidate would ask to inquire about a role. You can keep Job Posting private, allowing only candidates whom you have chosen to review the posting or you can publish the posting for all Remagent Professionals to see.

You Invite Who You Want To Meet

Our platform allows Remagent clients to enter a few search criteria and be provided immediately with a list of Remagent Professionals meeting your criteria and ready to work. After that it is simple, just select "Show Interest" in the candidates you are interested in, and they will be invited to review your job posting. You will be able to communicate with the candidate through the platform and then be connected with them for a video or phone interview.

Agent Contracting

You will choose if you want to hire the candidate full-time as an employee or contract through Remagent. If you hire the candidate directly, you can follow your normal HR hiring process. If contracting through Remagent, you will agree on terms with the candidate and a contract will be produced between you and Remagent for the candidates work. The contract will be signed electronically by all parties and onboarding can begin.

All contracts are managed through the Remagent Platform. Any employee or contractor paperwork can be sent, signed, and stored through the Remagent Platform.

If desired, drug screening and background checks can also be handled through the Remagent Platform.

Agent Onboarding

Once a start date is set, we can work with you to get the agent ready for onboarding or you can handle it on your own. Most companies have a process for agreeing on and preparing the required technology setup and onboarding the Remagent Professional. This might include training, followed by a nesting period and then promoting the agent into production.

Some companies have computer hardware and software that is sent to the agent. We can help with the install and technical support of getting the agent logged in and ready to go. Other companies allow for agents to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and just require a software install or perhaps a Virtual Desktop of VPN setup.

We can also work to manage requirements for bandwidth, machine specifications, screen size, and overall home set ups.


At the end of every week an invoice is sent with the billable hours for each agent at their associated rate. Once approved a single invoice will be sent for the cost of all work performed. This can be done on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Your company will pay Remagent and Remagent will pay the individual agents.

Extensive Database

As you use Remagent Professionals you are able to provide them with ratings so that others can see how each agent performed which can assist in making decisions for future use.